The Tod Inlet Nature Float (TINF) is making a comeback with even more fun than last season.
This is last seasons clean up. We removed all of the mussels to get ready for painting and made a mussel boat!
Here is a glimpse of the 2012 displays if you didn't get a chance to stop by.
We had a lot of fun discovering the marine life.



If you didn’t get a chance to visit the nature float last summer 2012, here is a bit of what we did. Our theme was the “Past, Present and Future” of Tod Inlet. The nature float had fun for everyone, including the rich history of the first nations people of Saanich, stories from recent settlers involved in the cement plant, as well as games, activities and marine life to look at.

This year, we are coming up with even more to offer, so be on the look out for any news. We will post opening dates and visiting hours as soon as possible.

Source: Seachange Import