Eelgrass, Construction and Sunshine

We’ve been very busy lately at SeaChange… too busy to update the blog. Here are a few of the things we’ve been working on so far this summer: We’ve transplanted eelgrass in Coles Bay, been a speaker at the Rotary Club of Sidney and tabled a few summer markets. In between events we are constructing a new SeaChange Headquarters (surprisingly close to the old HQ), revamping the Tod Inlet Nature Float display and have hired a new employee to run outreach from the float! Very exciting!

Sarah’s palm holds two sandlance at Island View Beach. Photo: Todd Carnahan

Lewis’ dune ethnobotany walk. Photo: Todd Carnahan

On July 11th SeaChange facilitated an Eelgrass Mapping Event hosted by the Habitat Acquisition Trust. Nikki gave a talk about the importance of eelgrass for BC’s wild salmon and then the mapping began. Participants in HAT’s Good Neighbours day also went on a dune ethnobotany walk and saw a birds of prey demonstration.

That same weekend Jenn took community mapping to the Organic Islands Festival. Two wonderful volunteers, Jacob and Kimia also helped out on each of the days. We collected a few interesting stories and many beautiful children’s drawings of their favourite places on the Peninsula. From this event came a couple of interesting interviews so check out the map for new stories!

Two kids in true festival balloon regalia add their contributions to the map

Jen drawing a favourite place with a young mapper

Source: Seachange Import