ImageA big thank you this week to the students from Bayside Middle School for coming out to SNIDCEL for the 6th annual Creatures of Habitat Day on Tuesday April 15! These young students did amazing work pulling blackberry and English ivy and connecting to this wonderful place. Many students talked about how their favourite parts of the day were learning about the history of SNIDCEL and doing hands-on work with really visible results! A few treasures were unearthed as well, including an old iron door handle associated with the old residences of the settlement that came after the Portland Cement Company was established.

ImageAmong other highlights, a large section of our wetland area was totally cleared of blackberry revealing some hidden and beautiful native species including stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) and salmonberry (Ribes spectabilis). This was a very encouraging site to work on since the wetland system as a whole in SNIDCEL is in much need of restoration and this was a fantastic start.

This work depended on the support of many fantastic volunteers and the direct organization of Peninsula Streams Society who also coordinated the students doing restoration on their school property. All participants – students, teachers, volunteers, organizers – really came together to make this such a special day to remember. Warm thanks to everyone!