20140329_132104Last weekend (October 2015) our volunteers spent a very productive day removing some of the very large stemmed and established butterfly bush (Buddleia) and clematis (Clematis sp.) from our lower restoration site near the docks! Both of these invasives are garden escapees that have a tendency to take over disturbed areas such as this site, where it appears from archival photos a warehouse once stood during the operational days of the Portland Cement Company here at SNIDCEL (1904-1913). Much of this area is ‘artificial shoreline’, meaning it was built during the industrial period at the inlet to accommodate the loading of limestone and cement from the quarry to the docks.

site-6This invasive removal made way for the planting of some new western redcedars (Thuja plicata) to create tree cover for the shrubs down there. A few new black cottonwoods (Populus trichocarpa) were also added as they are already abundant on this site and a great medicinal plant! It is wonderful to be able to slowly expand our small restoration sites so we can work towards ecosystems health in this special place! Thanks so much to the hardworking volunteers!

rflcurrantConcerned about pollinators? This is an extremely important aspect of restoration and something we think about while doing our work at SNIDCEL. For example, we plant a lot of red-flowering currant (Ribes sanguinem) to feed hummingbirds and bees in the early days of spring. The many wild violets at SNIDCEL also support butterfly populations and all the flowering trees and flowers support bees of many different varieties. This booklet by the Pollinator Partnership is a good guide for this region and there are many more resources to be found. If you would like to share resources please feel free to contact us!

snidcel-2014-winterspringOur next volunteer day is Saturday April 12 from 10am-2pm. We are really excited this week because Nick Claxton of Tsawout First Nation will be bringing his ethnoecology class to work with us and share their traditional WSANEC teachings! It looks like it will be a really wonderful day at SNIDCEL, so come down and join us for some fun and restoration at the inlet! 

Source: Seachange Import